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Moobar has been exclusively developed by Barista Technology Australia and Andale Beverages Australia (Australia's largest cold beverage equipment supplier) with efficiency and profitability in mind.

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Moobar is a Cafe Owner’s Best Investment

Moobar has such a positive impact on cafe – ranging from improved efficiency, better consistency, less hassles and more smiles!

All Quality
Quality Manufactured

Moobar is manufactured in Australia by Andale dispensing equipment with over 70years of quality manufacturing experience

Australia Wide Service
Australia Wide Service

Skilled service, repairs and preventative maintenance is available by expert technicians 24 hours/7 days a week

Full Install
Complete Installation

Our install team cover all of Australia and No job is too big, too small or too far. You’re in safe hands with Moobar

My Barista’s Love It!

Since installing the Moobar system, we have found it has just made life easier for our Barista’s. There is not a lot of room around the coffee machine and it can get super hectic in the coffee rush, but the Moobar keeps the stress levels down and delivers the perfect amount of chilled milk everytime. Our coffee consistency can’t be matched, my staff are happier – moobar is an amazing addition to our cafe.


Barefoot Barista – Owner

Boost Your Business

With a Moobar milk delivery system installed, your cafe will reap major benefits that will be experienced in many different areas. For instance; Productivity increases due to less time wasted by staff going back and forth to the fridge for the 2litre milk; Wastage is reduced as there are no stockpiling empty milk containers in the skip; and your customer satisfaction will improve due to a better taste experience with chilled milk delivery – milk textures better when its cold!

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